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Save the delivery cost visit our local shop in Budapest, Veres Pálné street 30!

About Us

Welcome to Hungaricum Shop where you can find the finest Hungarian food and quality drinks as well as other excellent products of all kinds!


These past few years, we had attended numerous festivals and events where we met many Hungarian manufacturers and we could check out their excellent high-quality products. We were happy to see that after the decades of communism the Hungarian traditions and cultural heritage of the Carpathian Basin are strengthening again due to the persistent work of dedicated people. Thanks to the various programs and events these high quality products can be purchased by more and more customer satisfying the increasing demand. However, we also had to acknowledge that besides the events and the festivities, fans of these products only have limited options to purchase them, continuous access to these products was not available anywhere. Besides ordering them directly from the manufacturers, consumers could only buy them in very few shops and delicatessen stores.

We realized soon that there simply had to be a place where one could find all arts and crafts and other Hungarian-made products. The next step to take was quite an evident one: creating a virtual marketplace where diverse products – ranging from food to arts and crafts products to stylish fashion commodities – could be purchased, just like in a regular store!

From that point on, we paid even closer attention to the products on sale when going to fairs and other, suchlike events: we did our best to find craftsmen and other producers whose products in their own respective fields were of high quality. The past years have been about organizing and systematizing everything, which was quite energy-consuming next to having a full-time job and a family. However, this also brought us great joy and we got to experience new things we wouldn't otherwise have had the chance to – not to mention the many talented and amazing people we were lucky enough to meet along the way!

We hold a certain opinion which we would like to explain through the „expression” Hungaricum, under which we do not solely mean the upholding of traditions (though this is an important part of the equation) but this word includes those individuals and groups as well who are dedicated to this spiritual legacy and can express it through their work contributing to the quality of our everyday lives or possibly enriching the Hungarian culture in general.


We believe that the purpose of upholding traditions is passing on knowledge and experiences already accumulated by the nation to which they belong, and motivating the man of the 21st century to search (and find) what is truly valuable in life whilst simultaneously creating a better, more humane and livable future for all of us. As we were setting the HungaricumShop, we realized this site should provide more than a simple web shop selling kind of products but we would like to transmit this feeling to the customers as well. This is why we had added an online magazine to the site to where we upload articles and news concerning Hungary. Moreover, there is also a photo gallery where the site visitor can view beautiful pictures of Hungary. Last but not least, our site also has a Facebook page where we post updates about the website and inform visitors about upcoming events in Hungary. The aim of this website is not only to sell products, but to serve as an introductory and popularizing platform for Hungarian-made (mainly arts and crafts) products as well, while seeking to ensure continued access for interested parties both home and abroad. I hope that the above presentation has sparked your interest in our initiative. Our services on this website also help to fulfill all your needs, be it shopping, acquiring new knowledge or mere delectation in the cultural heritage of the Carpathian Basin. Would you like your products to be featured on our website? Another aim of our online marketplace is to popularize Hungarian products in the widest scope possible. We welcome the application of businesses that produce wine, food and arts and crafts. Contact us via the address and telephone number below or by completing the contact form at the bottom of the page.



Telephone: +36 30 957 7589




Yours truly: Csaba Gömöri – manager

Hungaricum Kereskedőház kft. (Hungaricum Trading House Ltd.)


Contact us



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Origin of Paprika

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Culture & Events HUNGARICUMS


  Hungaricums are those noteworthy values of Hungary, which characterize the Hungarians by their uniqueness, specialty and quality, and are the peak performance of the Hungarians.


In our collection, funny videos and tutorials as well we would like to kindly towards our visitors. We hope you can find you like, which you have fun!

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