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Our Christmas Market Adventure

Christmas is just around the corner, and Christmas market after Christmas market opens its door to eager visitors every week. Naturally, the team of HungaricumShop walks around these markets with open eyes, as they have been doing for years now.


We were happy too see that companies, producers, oenologists and craftsmen, whose high-quality products have caught our eyes years ago, are not only still on the market but are becoming increasingly popular as well. We are proud that their products have been available to buy on for a long time now, and that it is thanks to us that a great number of costumers discovered excellent oenologists, pálinka distilleries and even fashion designers! Meanwhile, we are constantly searching for new hungaricums, and other specialties to help producers expand their market. We hope that lots of people will visit the artisan markets, the WAMP, or Vörösmarty square this year as well, to be able to experience the ambiance of Christmas markets in Budapest. For those who cannot make it this year, or just want a quick solution to their Christmas shopping dilemmas, HungaricumShop is the ideal place to go to find what they are looking for. Don't forget! smiley


Here are some pictures of this year's artisan market:



This month's great discovery is Plázs Centrum Kft's venison sausage. László Homonnai, representative of the Plázs Centrum of Pákozd, was proud to present us the venison sausages and salamis produced in their meat plant located next to Pápa. They have a contract with a hunting association whose quarry they process in a way that the final product is composed of 70% venison meat and 30% mangalitsa meat. Sausages made of proud flesh are a rarity in themselves, but Plázs Centrum took all this to a whole new level! They had sausages with cognac-flavoring and salami with red wine-flavoring on sale, both in spicy and snack version. The most interesting culinary specialty we stumbled upon was venison ham! It proved to be absolutely delicious.



The heavenly Papp Miklós-style homemade jams, my personal favorites being the cinnamon apple jam and the buckthorn-lace syrup.



My favorite out of all the sugar-free jams is the strawberry jam!



These flavors left such a huge impression on me that I started craving for even more delicious treats made from fruits. So it's not astonishing at all that when I spotted the Csalló Pálinka Distillery I immediately ran to the stand to taste the treasures inside the bottles.



The strawberry was amazing here as well. Besides the strawberry-pálinka, I would recommend drinking the 42 or 50 degree irsai olivér grape-pálinka, or the peach or the blueberry-pálinka... well, basically I recommend trying all of them.



Here's a little sneak peak from the rest of the selection:



The Csalló Pálinka Distillery's stand was characterized by friendly service and amazing ambience. Not many could resist drinking from the cleverly lit pint-bottles. One shot, two shots, and Balkán Fanatic songs were already being performed on stage.



When we were walking halfway to the stage we stumbled upon another of our great favorites, the wine-vinegar of Tokaj! I personally am one of the greatest fans of the balsamic vinegar of Tokaj! It is a delicious concoction made of a noble drink. For those who are comparing it with the kind of vinegar you can find on the store shelves: this is a completely different category, an altogether different quality! If the wine of Tokaj is the wine above all wines, than this is the elixir of the Gods! The salads are made with this wine-vinegar for the divine feasts in the Heavens! :)



Here are some sweets and alcohol-free aperitifs for both before and after eating.



The products you can see above are, needless to say, available to purchase on our website. Of course the Carpathian Basin has a lot of more things to offer and we aren't yet done searching for its great treasures.


I was really happy to see that Transylvanians were selling their products on the market as well. Moreover, the cooperation, thanks to which they are able to propagate their merchandise in numerous other countries, is praiseworthy as well.


The preliminary hearings are already underway! I hope that by next year you will be able to purchase the delicious fir syrups, blueberry liquors and other unbeatable Transylvanian treats that we adore so much on our website!



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Origin of Paprika

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  Hungaricums are those noteworthy values of Hungary, which characterize the Hungarians by their uniqueness, specialty and quality, and are the peak performance of the Hungarians.


In our collection, funny videos and tutorials as well we would like to kindly towards our visitors. We hope you can find you like, which you have fun!

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