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Save the delivery cost visit our local shop in Budapest, Veres Pálné street 30!

Special Sample Pack of Tokaji Winevinegars

Price: 9.61 €

Currently not available

Special Sample Pack of Tokaji Winevinegars

"Each drop of our winevinegar is A DROP OF HUNGARY!"


There are 6 small bottles of winevinegar in our Special Pack of samples. 3 bottles of the basic Tokaji Winevinegars and 3 bottles of the sweet ones. Due to these pretty little bottles you can test severral Tokaji Winevinegars at the same time.


Curing time: 6 month

Acidity: 6%

Volume: 6 x 40 milliliter




Culinaris Origin of Paprika

Origin of Paprika

Origin of Paprika   Paprika powder is made from the fully ripe, dried and milled fruit of the Capsicum annuum L. Var. Longum paprika varieties which may be sweet or hot.   The...

Culture & Events HUNGARICUMS


  Hungaricums are those noteworthy values of Hungary, which characterize the Hungarians by their uniqueness, specialty and quality, and are the peak performance of the Hungarians.


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